Tuesday, November 29, 2011

You Have to Start Somewhere...

So here I sit, about to embark on this new and frightful journey of blogging.  I have had far too many friends for far too long encourage me to do this.  It's taken me a couple of years to finally  muster up the courage to sit down and give it a go....so here it is....you have to start somewhere, right?

My most important disclaimer is that I am not a writer.  No, really.  That has been my biggest fear about starting a blog.  I don't want to look like an idiot and I want to be interesting.  Something funny now and then would be great too.  My vocabulary isn't the strongest and thank goodness for spellcheck!  Although poor grammar is a pet peeve of mine, I know that I am often in violation of many rules myself.  Whew, I feel better already!  I just want to be up front with you from the beginning.  If you don't have any expectations about my blog posts, then you won't be disappointed...sounds like a perfect plan to me!

So, I suppose you're wondering about the Earthmuffin thing.  Most people do.  That is the affectionate nickname my husband gave me back before he was my husband.  I guess you could say I have an  "earthy" side.  By earthy, I don't mean filthy like Pig Pen, but more like a lover of Mother Earth.  My old school friends tease me about being a tree-hugger.  Something I'm not ashamed to be.  As I've gotten older I've become more accustomed to the finer things in life, but my heart is still in the right place and I hope that my choices in life reflect that.

Earthmuffin came to life though thanks to Gmail.  When I was trying to set up my first Gmail account many many years ago (that's right kids, I remember when Google didn't exist!) it was nearly impossible to find a user name that wasn't already taken.  After a lengthy string of fruitless attempts at coming up with something worthwhile, my husband said "What about Earthmuffin"?  Hmmm, ok.  At this point I was game for just about anything.  If you can believe it, Earthmuffin was taken, so I added the year of my birth and voila!  People continue to laugh when I share my email address with them.

When one of my dear friends was persistently encouraging me to start a blog my biggest question was...but what do I call it?  You guessed it...Earthmuffin was her answer.  So, here I am.  I hope that if you stumble upon this blog you find something worth your time and decide to stay a while.  If nothing else it will allow myself and my friends to cross "get Alyssa to start a blog" off of our to do lists.  You have no idea how relieved I am to get this first post out of the way.


  1. Woo hoo! Keep em' coming!

  2. Thanks Mindy! I hope to, and you keep the feedback coming! :)

  3. I am not sure what a blog is but I know you will do well. You are good at what you know, FOOD. What you don't know you are willing to research and learn.